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Po Q.

Loved Dr. Rivera and the employees!!! I took my son to get a minor procedure on his feet and had the best experience. We both did. The employees were friendly, and the doc was very caring and of, course helpful. He made my son feel comfortable and unworried. I'm definitely glad we came here, and I recommend him to anyone. I see why the reviews are so outstanding. He deserves them all. Definitely not going anywhere else after this visit should I or my family need services!

Gail S.

Writing on behalf of my husband who went to see Dr. Rivera today. I went with him, and we were both SO impressed by his mannerism and professionalism. My husband had some corns to remove and Dr. Rivera did them while we were chatting away. We both highly recommend Dr. Rivera for any and all foot issues. He was so personable and his office staff was very friendly too. So glad that he was referred by the dermatologist to go there.

Amy P.

Dr. Rivera is the best! I visited Dr. Rivera a few months ago and I was very satisfied with the care, bedside manner, and respect that I received from Dr. Rivera. I had been going to Dr. Blooms office in Memorial and the staff, office, and doctors were trashy (sorry not sorry, it’s the truth). Dr. Rivera and his staff were completely opposite. The office has such a modern look/feel to it. It is impeccably clean and the moment I walked in I knew I had found my podiatrist of preference. I had been dealing with terrible big toenail pain that the Houston podiatrist just shrugged at and did nothing about. Dr. Rivera was also puzzled at the pain but he took time and listened to me and offered a solution which he felt very confident about. Well to my surprise the pain is completely gone and the treatment he offered has 100% resolved my issue. He made sure my nail was left esthetically to where I could wear open-toe shoes with no embarrassment. I am sooooo pleased with him, his staff, the office, and the treatment I was offered.

Makayla W.

First appointment was a little wait but 2nd appointment was much faster and the front desk ladies and assistants are pretty understanding and sweet. Doctor Rivera is the best, he’s very nice and does what’s best for the patient, and it was painless both times. Thank you Calo foot and ankle!

Sabrina H.

Dr. Rivera is an amazing podiatrist. The first time we met was when he made space in his schedule to see me, a mere few hours before getting on a plane for vacation. Since then, I have seen him for multiple foot questions/issues and to say he has been amazing is an understatement. He listens to me, and my medical goals, he is transparent and knowledgeable- while remaining empathetic & understanding. I would recommend him to all my family and friends if you want someone who cares about your feet’s health and their beauty. This is the place to go. Gracias Dr. Rivera!!! (: I’m a patient for life.

Jenny B.

Dr. Riveria was excellent along with the office staff and assistant. He was kind, concerned, knowledgeable, and thorough. I was apprehensive about my toe surgery, after all nerves run to the foot. They explained everything, so I knew what to expect, no surprises. Everything went as planned. He is understanding with a smile on his face along with his outstanding personality; so we're the staff he selected to work with him. Kudos to Calo's. I will tell anyone who has problems with feet including ingrown toenails, to stop by his office.


I saw Dr. Rees today for my ingrown toenails. I never write reviews but felt compelled to let others know how pleased I am with Dr. Rees and Calo Foot & Ankle. When they received my referral from my insurance they got me in for an appointment in 2 days. Dr. Rees was absolutely amazing and so kind. He explained everything he was going to do and made sure that I was not in any pain. I am in the medical field and was definitely impressed with my overall experience. I highly recommend Dr. Rees and Calo Foot & Ankle.

Alma W.

Exemplary customer care. The reviews are correct and I would like to thank all who contributed to the reviews for Dr. Rivera. He and his entire office professionals are welcoming, kind, and professional. They immediately responded to requests and follow-ups. The entire team is experienced, kind, and sincere. I felt everyone that I encountered had a genuine concern for my well-being. The office wait was not long at all. The examination was thorough, the explanation was clear, and Dr. Rivera did not rush with his evaluation. I highly recommend Dr. Eugenio Rivera. He is the epitome of customer care in the medical profession. I would truly like to clone him. To Dr. Rivera and the entire office professionals, thank you all so very much. Maintain what you have and I assure you, your blessings will never end.

Roxi M.

Dr. Rivera was so nice so was his staff and very caring he made me feel safe and positive about my surgery!!! I found him myself and I’m so happy I did. Thank you Dr. Rivera for being the best at what you do!

Yohebeth C.

I went in for an ingrown toenail. I had never had one before and after doing some research everybody kept saying that the needle hurts a lot. Let me just say that now I think it depends on the doctor because I didn’t feel any pain with Dr. Rivera. I was really nervous but he made me feel really comfortable and went slow when injecting the anesthesia so it wouldn’t hurt. After that I didn’t feel anything and I’m so happy to not be in pain from the ingrown anymore. He also explained everything to me very clearly. I recommend Dr. Rivera he is the best! Such a sweet person that really cares about his patients. I will definitely be coming back if I have anything regarding my foot again. Thank you so much for everything!

Cynthia M.

I had left foot surgery on 12/16, a week before Christmas. I was horrified by stories of how painful it would be, the healing time, etc. Well, I worried for no reason. Dr. Rivera is a Saint in surgery! I stayed on pain meds for about two days, instead of a week and I am healing faster than expected. If you follow his directions and trust him, you will be fine. The pain I had prior to surgery was way worst than the surgery itself. I will be getting my right foot done later in the year by Dr. Rivera. I highly recommend Dr. Rivera and his team!

James T.

Outstanding podiatrist's practice! Both Dr. Rivera & Dr. Rees have the best bedside manner. I would recommend them to anyone. They’re an outstanding team!

Juanita G.

Dr. Rivera is a cut above the REST! He makes you feel like you're the only patient on his schedule. His team is Awesome!!! I highly recommend him!

Cristy R.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care Dr. Rivera instilled in my son. Despite not having an appointment, he took him in and performed the utmost procedure. Dr. Rivera took his time to explain and address our concerns and made my son feel in safe hands. I can truly say that he cares for his patients and is willing to go above and beyond to show it. Overall, Dr. Rivera is a great doctor and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks, Dr. Rivera (Christopher's mom)

Cat N.

I had a pretty bad sprained ankle and started googling doctors who were NOT in the med center and stumbled upon Calo Foot & Ankle. They were able to get me in to see Dr. Rees and after my xray and MRI, I was diagnosed with torn ligaments. I highly recommend this office as I like both Dr. Rees and Dr. Rivera (who did my ligament reconstruction surgery). Both were very professional and caring and understood all of my concerns as a triathlete and my injury. Both expressed true passion in their field which made me so much more comfortable. I will need bunion surgery on my other foot and I wouldn't go anywhere else. As much as I hated that I had to go to see a doctor, I'm glad I made the decision to go to Calo Foot & Ankle.

Nancy S.

Dr. Rivera is compassionate and takes the time to explain and explore options before the procedure, inspiring confidence from the beginning. He did a marvelous surgery on my foot which had been painful for years. It even actually now looks good and will be sandal ready by spring! I recommend him to everyone.

Nyaisha D.

This man is awesome! From the first visit, Dr. Rivera was polite, straightforward, honest, and assuring. I had surgery on my ankles tendon and Dr. Rivera helped every step of the way. I would recommend anyone to allow him to provide service for you. If I have any more issues with my feet Dr. Rivera would definitely receive my services. Thank you so much.

Arieyale S.

Literally all I can say Is wow. This office was nothing short of amazing, from the initial call of appointment setting, up until the actual appointment and procedure. First, let me say I work in the medical field but happen to be a big wimp as well lol, but this staff here was amazing. I have never experienced anything like this before. Dr. Rivera was so professional and caring he literally took care of my toe and answered questions for my emotional support who was on the phone lol. I was very well informed on my procedure and how to prevent it going forward as well as the proper aftercare. I thank you all so much, with all that is going on every person I came into contact with was amazing and a breath of fresh air !!! You know it is a good place when you get home and start examing your other toes just to see if there is anything else needed (lol). It was truly a blessing to meet a Dr. who you can tell enjoys what he does and Dr. Rivera is truly that!

Vanessa A.

OMG!!! I never had a physician ranked at 5.0, but now I know what that's like. Cigna recommended Dr. Rivera to me and I am so glad I called. He performed reconstructive foot surgery for me, and at every stage I have experienced excellent progress as he told me I would. I love to dance and usually stay on the dance floor for a long time. I was able to dance again at our Valentine's event last Saturday and I am so excited that my foot is almost 100% healed!


Dr. Rivera is a great professional and provides high-quality service with a smile and a friendly attitude. He is very responsible, responsive, and caring with his patients. He is knowledgeable and skillful.

Caroline C.

Pros - friend staff, Dr. Rivera is personable, no wait for my appointment, level of care was excellent. I had never been to a podiatrist and all information was explained clearly and to a level of my understanding. Cons - ?? :)

Jeanette A.

I absolutely love coming here to make sure my feet are at their best. He is an amazing caring doctor and always makes sure I'm comfortable. The staff and so positive and very welcoming. I have nothing bad to say I highly recommend it.

Angela C.

As a new patient I was completely awestruck! Not only does their office looks nice, clean and comfortable, not to say they also recently moved into a new suite that's way bigger but even as I arrived at my appointment everything went smoothly, and was seen quickly I didn't even have to wait for 20-30 mins! I do highly recommend them!

Veronica G.

I feel very welcome every time I come here. The staff are very nice and friendly and it shows that Dr. Rivera truly cares for his patients.

Terrell J.

Staff acknowledgment was greatly appreciated. Dr. Rivera walked in with a refreshed and kind look to tend to my needs. Patience to listen with the knowledge to go with it. I read up on the doctor before making my appointment and was pleased. Dr. Rivera came out on top as I felt he would. I would recommend Dr. Rivera to anyone that's seeking a foot/ankle/podiatrist. It took my breath away when Dr. Rivera phoned me himself to inform me of my labs/meds. Talk about beyond an excellent bedside manner. I am pleased to know that in 2021 we still have one that I've come across. Thank you, Dr. Rivera and staff. Keep up the excellent care you give.

Leon T.

Dr. Rivera is very skillful and trustworthy. He answered all questions and outlined my options post-op. Highly recommend.

Mercedalia T.

Dr. Rivera, he's so super nice and my mom loves going to him to do her feet and he takes care of her very well I recommend him to other people to go see him.

Shanice B.

He was very kind and walked me through the whole process. He removed my toenail and it did not hurt at all. His staff is very kind as well.

Mariauxi C.

He is the best! Listen and answer all your questions. He is compassionate and understanding. He takes his time with you and makes you feel cared for.

Jorge G.

Dr. Rivera is an excellent professional so polite and open to helping you in every possible solution to fix your problem, I have no doubt I recommend him to everybody who needs to be treated by a podiatrist.

B. B.

Overall very good experience going here to get surgery on my toes receptionist we’re very kind, the doctor did a good job, and very clean office definitely recommend it to anyone.

Lakeisha D.

Love him n I would recommend him to anyone!!! He is excellent n makes u feel loved and comfortable with the care.

Vanessa G.

Dr. Rivera is a great doctor who walks you through every step of the way and explains everything thoroughly.

Maria H.

Exepcional services and friendly people, Doctors are top of the line. I definitely recommend Calo Foot specialist.

Peter G.

Great service as usual.

Miss Y.

Doctor Rivera is the best !!!

Pedro G.

Very helpful and affordable service!

Victor A.

Excellent doctor, very professional. It's the first time I've been with Dr. Rivera and he's just amazed me, I've been struggling with my ankle for weeks and he helped me to understand the problem and most importantly he gave me alternatives for my Achilles tendon injury. excellent doctor, very professional. It is the first time that I go to Doctor Rivera and he simply left me amazed, I had been battling with my ankle for weeks and he helped me understand the problem and most importantly he gave me alternatives for my Achilles tendon injury.

Rosa C.

The doctor explains very well and he answered all my doubts that I had. I would recommend him and the staff in his office are very friendly.

Diego Q.

Very friendly, starting with the secretaries and Dr. Rivera. Great experience.

Lili C.

Excellent Dr. Rivera, super friendly, honest, and professional! 100% recommended!

Mary A.

A very kind, professional, and humane doctor. I definitely recommend it!

Miguel M.

Very good specialist.

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